Welcome: Bulldog Auto Transport’s story

Welcome: Bulldog Auto Transport’s story

We have been moving and relocating personally-owned vehicles as Bulldog Trucking since 2005, but our story dates back to 2001.

James Hartman, with one truck, a Ford F-350, and a three-car trailer, started hauling cars for customers in the early 2000s. Within a few short years, the father-son duo had established a dedicated customer base transporting “snowbirds” from the upper Midwest to the desert Southwest.

Thanks in large part to hard work and simple word-of-mouth advertising, Bulldog Trucking was born. Today, Bulldog Trucking has a fleet of 12 trucks, and we continue to service customers from the upper Midwest, including Missouri, Illinois, southern Wisconsin, Indiana, southern Michigan and Ohio, to the desert Southwest, including Oklahoma, western Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and southern Nevada.

Our customer base has expanded through the years as our business has grown. We still specialize in transporting personally-owned vehicles door to door. However, our service has expanded to include dealership and auction auto transport, not to mention private, corporate or military relocation. Have you purchased a vehicle online? We can help book and arrange your transport.

Since James and Jim started with one truck, our business has grown and now includes nationwide shipping through Bulldog Auto Transport, diesel truck and trailer maintenance through Bulldog Truck, Trailer and Tire Repair, and auto sales through Bulldog Auto and Boat Sales.

Bulldog Trucking and Bulldog Auto Transport will pick up and deliver your vehicles in a safe and timely manner. Every car, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle we transport is entirely secure from the moment it leaves the pickup point until it reaches its destination.

“It’s about you, our customer. It’s about our fantastic employees. It’s about our family. Bulldog Trucking was built by family, and we haven’t forgotten our family values.”

We keep each and every customer informed of the entire auto transportation process beginning with the reservation and continuing through delivery.

Whether you’re vehicle is transported on one of our carriers or we set up your transport with one of our partners, we only use licensed, bonded, and insured carriers. Well-secured storage facilities are qualified for the Bulldog Auto¬† Transport Network. We have dedicated customer service transport specialists to help get your vehicle to you where you want it, when you want it.

Within the last year alone, we’ve expanded Bulldog Auto Transport and Bulldog Auto and Boat Sales. We’ve made a commitment to expand our social media presence, and our online presence with an updated, interactive website.

At the end of the day, as founder James Hartman would say, it’s about you, our customer. It’s about our fantastic employees. It’s about our family. Bulldog Trucking was founded by family members, and we haven’t forgotten our family values. Those values help separate us from the saturated industry of auto transportation.

We know you have many options when choosing an auto transport company. Thank you for choosing Bulldog Trucking and Bulldog Auto Transport. And if you’re searching for an auto transport company, we encourage you to shop around. Hopefully, our commitment to customer satisfaction will make the decision a little easier.

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