How to compare vehicle shipping rates

by bulldog
How to compare vehicle shipping rates

Vehicle Shipping Rates for Car Shipping
Prices can vary widely for auto shipping, based on a list of factors. For example, a cross country move in the continental US can range in price from $750 to $1,650 or higher.

Why is there such a range for the same outcome?
Not all auto transport is the same. For example:

  1. At the low end of the spectrum, you are most likely dealing with a broker. These providers will book your move at a low price. To reserve the spot, you will pay them a deposit, which is in reality, their profit on the move. Once that cash is in hand, they will look to arrange a shipper with available capacity on a truck that is already traveling in the right direction. The shipper will be paid the difference.
  2. For a slightly higher rate, perhaps between $950 and $1,050, you will be dealing with a different type of provider. At this rate, the car shipping company will probably be a bigger outfit with a network of terminals. They will also own their own fleet of trucks, rather than farming it out to a low cost shipper as with a broker. Their typical transport method is to use a flatbed truck for pickup and delivery, with the long distance shipping done on a car carrier.
  3. At the high end of the spectrum, the cost will typically exceed $1,200. For this level of auto shipping, you can expect an enclosed method of shipment. These vendors normally handle everything from regular cars to high end and oversized vehicles.

Vehicle Shipping Rates Demystified
While you will find a wide range of prices for vehicle transport, there are good reasons for those differences. Now that you better understand what is normally included at each price, you are equipped to ask the right questions. Then you can figure out for yourself whether the quoted rate for your auto transport is reasonable or not.

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