Auto Transport 101: Types of auto transport reviews to read

If you’ve already decided to ship a vehicle, the next step is finding the right company to do it for you. This can be a bit stressful since there are so many different car shipping companies out there, and you’re going to entrust one of your most expensive and relied upon possessions to their care.

This is even further complicated by the fact that prices among auto transport companies can be pretty competitive since there are so many of them. What does this mean? Basically, you can’t just blindly decide to select the least expensive shipper.

One of the best things you can do to learn more about a company is to read their reviews. Since wading through them can take a lot of time, you should try to read at least one of the following types of auto transport reviews. When considering reviews, also keep in mind that shipping volume should be considered. Any provider with a high volume will run into an unsatisfied customer sooner or later, and they are the most vocal.

For this reason, it pays to do a balanced investigation across different review types.

One Positive Review
Reading a positive review is important for gauging what the company does well and what you can reasonably expect as the best case scenario. Did the customer’s car arrive in the same condition is was in before shipping? Was delivery prompt and easy? These are things you should think about when you’re reading a positive review.

One Negative Review
As we mentioned previously, any company that does a high volume of business will run into unhappy customers. Furthermore, you should also remember that people who had a bad experience with a company are more likely to take the time and effort to write a review.

A bad review will tell you what to look out for if you hire a certain company, and these are things that you can address with the shipper directly before hiring them. Use negative reviews to guide your conversation when considering if an auto transport company is the right one for you. Get all the facts, because sometimes dissatisfaction can be caused by reasons beyond the control of any typical auto shipper.

One Customer Who Had a Problem That Was Resolved
You should also make sure that you read at least one review from a customer who had an issue that the company resolved. What was the problem? How did the company handle it? Was the customer satisfied with the end result?

If the way the company handled the problem was professional and satisfactory, you can probably safely assume that the company will handle any issues you might have in the same way. You may also want to understand why problems are not resolved when that happens, as it could be because the company found themselves in a no-win situation. You want to consider all the angles when digesting this information.

Remember, when you’re reading reviews that you should read at the very least one of each of these types. Once you’ve chosen the right auto transport company for you, ask them what your shipping options are, for a quote, and what you need to do to prepare the vehicle for shipping.

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